Jazz up your Social Media Game with these Online Marketing Tips

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Rohan Taneja Sunday, May 23, 2021

Learn Social Media Marketing with us

Every business owner wants to spread awareness about their brand. Social media provides you with opportunities to connect and build a relationship with your audience. Around 3.96 billion people use social media which means you have a chance to connect with over 58% of the world’s total population. 

The question here is how to create your social media presence? Well, we have some social media marketing ideas that will help you grow your business. So, let’s dive right into it –

1)  Plan out your Goals and Objectives

Planning out something to act on keeps you connected to the target. As a business, you can select any target, let’s suppose 5000 Instagram followers, and set a deadline for that. 

Do whatever it takes for you to reach your goal organically and keep in line with your entire social media marketing strategy. Once you know what you need for the first part, it becomes a lot easier to put in your overall marketing efforts.

2) Know your Audience

Every business has a different target audience and you have to know yours before executing a plan. Learn the demographics and insights provided by the social media handles.

Survey your audience to understand them better and collect feedback and question using a forum or other poll tools available on social media.

3) Carefully Thought-out Post

When posting on any social media platform, you need to craft your content carefully. Before you start posting the same content over these platforms, you need to know the different tones of writing for them. 

LinkedIn – This is a professional network that focuses on B2B audiences to help new businesses connect.

Facebook – Facebook is like Instagram of old times but now pages on Facebook struggle to reach their target audience. 

Instagram – Content that contains amazing visuals should go on Instagram. People get easily connected to pictures and videos and that’s why Instagram is on the top.

4) Reduce the Use of Salesy Tactics

The old traditional way of using salesy lines about your business is out of the social media league now. As a business owner, you have to create content that helps you connect with the audience. 

Once they start trusting you, they will buy your services and products. You just have to use a perfectly planned out social media marketing strategy for your page and see how gradually it grows.

5) Create Mind-Blowing Images and Graphics

Tools like Canva, Adobe after effects, CorelDraw, etc. can help you to create amazing graphics. A person spends 6 seconds on each product to decide 

Make sure you use a perfect color palette that blends in with your Social Media page. Whenever you run an ad campaign or you add some freebies, use such tools to create an eye-catching picture to grab the attention of your targeted audience.

6) Use the Right Tools

Business owners always run on a busy schedule and it gets hard for them to post on social media at the right time.

Scheduling your social media posts a week before can save you a lot of time. With Buffer, you can handle all your accounts and schedule posts at the right time.

7) Promotions are the key

It is entirely possible to create amazing and eye-catching content but it reaches no one. We know how frustrating it gets to not getting enough engagement on something you created with all your efforts. Use the right target radius and add tags to show your content to people with similar interests.

8) Hire a Digital Marketing Company

Gone are the days when print ads and coupon mailers were the only way to advertise your product. Social media holds a total of 83.96% of 4.57 billion internet users around the globe. Presenting your small business on social media takes a lot of effort. We know you are confused but don’t worry as we have got your back.


We at Snapping Turtles understand the needs of our clients before we create a strategy for your social media. Our team of experts has the power to help you grow than most marketing techniques. 

Do you have any questions about digital marketing? Feel free to reach us at XXXXXX to know more.



Social media is hard but once you start to get leads, customers, online presence, and a good amount of online sales, it gets difficult to ignore the plethora of benefits. Just make your audience a top priority and you will see the results.

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